riding a motorcycle fast on a mountain road
you go where you look
eyes on the reveal

the reveal is the very edge of the road as it twists toward you
instant the present becomes the past
that moment the curtain parts before the careening scroll of life

with practice you can peer just a millisecond beyond the reveal
crane your head into the bank of the turn
past the shadow of rock

there’s a moment of reveal in everything;
sudden connection in the mind
instant understanding of a relationship
going back as far
as you can remember
a facet turns and glints upon the world
and you see it as it actually is

chill from a passing look
the sun on her neck as she turns away
catch in her voice
the way she says
everything she means to say and everything she says
means nothing

go careening where you look

to see her as she really is
the mind, the physical person
the way she laughs
her realness coming
still limping from the accident
toward the realness of you
straight off the bus from portland

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